The most read posts of 2017

Hey friends, thanks for reading this year. As I’ve said elsewhere, I mainly write to encourage and offer my voice to the people in our community in Circle of Hope, but I appreciate all the readership I get from other parts of the world. This blog is a simple project for me and I have a lot of fun doing it; it is an outlet of expression but it’s more than that. Thanks again for being a part of it this year. Thanks for engaging, subscribing, commenting, and responding. Here are the ten most read posts of 2017. It is interesting to notice which ones get the most attention (usually, not my favorite ones, to be honest). You noticed posts about celebrities. Trump dominated this year, big time. But also blogs about social issues like feminism, racism, intersectionality, sexual assault too. I was happy that our women leaders got a lot of attention, as well as two big themes for me this year: helping the little ones not to stray and also the power of quieting down our arguments.

10. How I stayed a Christian in my twenties

At the end of his life when Paul was instructing Timothy, he boasted about merely keeping his faith. Keeping your faith is so hard to do that even after the historic life of the Apostle Paul he hung his hat on just holding on to his faith in a world that is constantly trying to pry your fingers from it. I hope my thoughts help you hold onto yours. Let me know how else I can help.

9. By ending DACA, Trump gives Christians another chance to restore their moral witness

The Trump Administration gives Christians, whose reputation is tattered in the media (need I mention the fundamentalist Nashville Statement or Joel Osteen’s reputation risk management last week?), a chance to redeem themselves almost every day. There is always something evil that the administration is doing that Christians should oppose. And I’m not talking about complex policy, these issues are simple: oppose white supremacy, support safety for children of immigrants, care for the environment, don’t start another war or escalate a nuclear one. No theology or political science degree required.

8. What I learned from Leadership Philly and why you should #MoveToPhilly

I am grateful for my time at Leadership and how it developed me, and the new network of friends I have. I’m so thankful my sister Megan Rosenbach got me involved, too. It actually gave me another reason to love Philadelphia. My advice? #MoveToPhilly

7. Opposing war in North Korea is crucial for the Gospel

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